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Posts Tagged ‘cod fishing charters MA’

Gloucester Cod and Haddock Fishing with Anatoli and Pavel

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

We know it is really spring when Pavel and Anatoli join us for a full day Gloucester cod and haddock fishing.  Always plenty of smiles, plenty of stories, and plenty of cod and haddock.

This recent trip yielded more haddock than cod, but no complaints there, we have osme tasty dinners ahead.

We wish our friend Anatoli best wishes and speedy recovery – we hope to have you back fishing with us soon! Pavel, you need to reel in twice as much fish now.

Join Tuna Hunter for your Gloucester cod fishing charter – we are ready to go, 7 days a week. Call us at 978-407-1351 or email for the latest openings. 

Gritsevskiy Gloucester Cod Fishing on Tuna Hunter

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

Pavel and Anatoly had an unforgettable day cod fishing charter out of Gloucester, MA aboard the Tuna Hunter.  They waited out the week for a break in the weather and it proved worth the wait – sun shining, decent seas and a good cod bite – what more can one ask for!  A boatful of fish?  Yup, got that too.

Gloucester cod fishing is in full swing – rain or shine, the cod and haddock are hitting on jigs and bait, making for full coolers and plenty of food for the family and friends.  Gloucester Striped Bass fishing is heating up – fish to 35 inches have been taken both inside and outside of the harbor, so plan now for those striper charters.  Call 978-407-1351 or email to reserve your fishing charter. Good fishing!

The Pineapple Gang _ Gloueste Cod Fishing for 7 Years

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

For the seventh year in a row, the Pineapple Gang’s Gloucester cod fishing charter aboard Tuna Hunter was a big success.

The entire family are great anglers, and certainly know how to have a great time. No messing around here. It was serious fishing: as soon as we reached the fishing grounds, jigs hit the water.  Fish hit jigs more than bait, as has been the usual lately.

This year the team amassed a boatload of fish, cod, haddock and a large cusk.  Yes, cusk are good eating.
We look forward to sharing a day with these guys each year.

While we were cod fishing last weekend, the bluefin tuna action remains strong. Bluefin of varying sizes are all over, being taken by kite, balloons, live and ead bait,  some of jigs even. So be prepared for anything! 

Inshore the striped bass fishing is good, despite the commercial season. Tuna Hunter’s evening bass charters have been particularly successful.  It was great to host the Arasian family again this week – with Dad again taking top fish. Photos coming!

Tuna Hunter has mid-week openings for full charters and singles – give us a call at 978-407-1351 or email for the latest openings.  Check for weekend cancellations – we’ll do our best to fit you in.  Good fishing to you!

Nick "the Real Estate Guy" Annual Gloucester Fishing Charter

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

This year’s annual “Nick the Real Estate Guy” Tuna Hunter fishing charter was not productive as a Gloucester tuna fishing charter, but did turn out to be a productive cod & haddock fishing charter .

Always a good time, always good fishing and great to see good friends keep in touch through the years.  As for this year’s fishing, cod was strong, but the bluefin eluded us, though conditions looked good in the morning with jumping bluefin in several areas. We had live bait, the baits looked great sitting beneath the kite, all systems were go – just no hungry stupid tuna took the bait.  That’s fishing!

To wrap up the day, we switched gears to do some bottom fishing, and quickly were into sizeable cod, haddock and pollock and cusk. 

Bluefin tuna are here in force, in all sizes.  Tuna Hunter will be fishing through October for bluefin tuna , stripers and cod & haddock.  As the tuna action heats up, dates are filling in.  You should be then next one hooked up! 

Call Captain Gary at 978-407-1351 or email for the latest openings.  We look forward to fishing with you!

Kelly W & Friends Fishing Charter

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

Kelly W and friends maximized their combination striped bass and cod fishing charter on  Tuna Hunter Fishing Charters

The group took advantage of some offshore cod – great cod!  taken on a combination of jigs and bait.

and then moved inshore for super striper angling.  The fishing action was awesome,  topped only by the fine fish feat put on by the same crew.  

Striped Bass fishing is strong now and will continue so through September. Cod and haddock fishing just keeps improving in a variety of areas, and Bluefin tuna from 100 pounds through giant size are on the banks in abundance.    Check out our bluefin tuna fishing highlights for a peek at bluefin tuna options.   Call Captain Gary at  978-407-1351 or email for the latest openings.

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Cogswell Crew – Humungous Cod Fishing Gloucester on Tuna Hunter Fishing Charters

Friday, June 19th, 2009

Humungous (that means really big)  cod were the order of the day on the latest Cogswell Crew cod and haddock charter on Tuna Hunter Fishing Charters.

Large cod, to 30 pounds, just kept coming.  These fish hit hard on standard Norwegian jigs.

Cogswell Crew Gloucester Cod Fishing on Tuna Hunter Fishing Charters

As we’ve said in previous posts, cod & haddock fishing on Stellwagen Bank is HOT. There is a ton of life out there, besides the beauty of it all and the joy of being out there on the ocean.  Bluefin tuna are an awesome catch – you’ve got to experience it to believe it. Inshore,  striped bass fishing action is heating up, too.  Don’t let a bit of rain deter you, fishing is great right now.

Contact us at 978-407-1351 or email for out latest openings. 

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