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Gloucester Fishing

Tuna Hunter offers professional sport fishing charters out of Gloucester, MA for anglers of all abilities and all ages. We target Bluefin Tuna, Striped Bass, Cod and Haddock, Flounder, Bluefish, Sharks and more on conventional and fly fishing tackle. This is Gloucester fishing at its finest.

Don't let our name mislead you - Tuna Hunter excels in deep sea fishing for cod and haddock and inshore striped bass fishing in Gloucester and the surrounding Cape Ann waters. Fishing is our only business, and Captain Gary is one of the best charter captains in the business.

We Look Forward to Fishing With You!

tuna fishing massachusetts

Captain Gary Cannell has over 25 years experience fishing and hunting up and down the Atlantic Coast. While his Bluefin Tuna expertise is renown (and prompted the name Tuna Hunter), fishing for Striped Bass and Bluefish along the shores of Cape Ann is a specialty. Cod and Haddock bottom fishing is consistently productive from April through November ... Call us to host your next fishing charter party ~

Single? Less than six? Call us and we will put you in touch with others looking to share a charter. Our goal is to get everyone out there fishing.

More than six? We have two boats, and can have a tournament between the boats, fishing alongside, or in different areas. We will work with you to arrange the best fishing for your party. Call us to discuss the options.

Striped Bass Fishing Charters
Stripers abound in the waters of Cape Ann, along rocky shores, in the Annisquam, Essex and Merrimack Rivers and along the islands of Boston's North Shore. Numerous striped bass fishing holes exist, and the Tuna Hunter crew is happy to take you there to share the experience.

Bluefin Tuna Fishing Charters
Bluefin tuna charters are a specialty of Tuna Hunter. Much like big game hunting, fishing for giant bluefin tuna is an incredible and unforgettable experience. School and large medium tuna offer an incredible fight for their size, often standup on light tackle. No matter what size, we'll coach you as needed to land your bluefin.

Cod and Haddock Fishing Charters
Productive, consistent bottom fishing from April through November on Stellwagen Bank, Jeffreys, Tillies and beyond. Cod, haddock, wolffish and more make for great fishing and great eating.

Shark Fishing Charters
Shark fishing on light tackle is an awesome experience. Or wrestle with a large blue shark on our larger tackle - test your arm against these toothy beasts. Makos, porbeagles, blue sharks and more. Shark fishing is best from July though September.

Custom Charters
Any combination of the above charters is possible - bluefin tuna all moning, capped by some inshore striped bass. Or cod and tuna. Your choice. Whale watches, sightseeing, sunset cruise, or whatever charters ~ Call us to reserve for your private fishing party.

Corporate Charters
Corporate charters are welcome - an alternative to the golf course.

Mermaid Fishing
A technique unique to Tuna Hunter ... for special occasions when the fish won't come to the boat.

What to Bring We provide all bait and tackle, and instruction as needed in the techniques used that day. All you need bring is food and drink for your party for the day, plus personal items such as hats, sunglasses, sunscreens, jackets and windbreakers, rain gear (if rain or showers are in the marine forecast) and soft soled, non-marking shoes. Plan for plenty of water and perhaps an extra sandwich or two, since being out on the water works up an appetite.

For those prone to seasickness, we suggest checking out the many over-the-counter sea sickness remedies: Bonine, Dramamine, seasickness patches or accu-pressure wristbands, to mention a few. Note that Bonine and Dramamine should be taken before you get on board - please read and follow the recommended directions.

All Tuna Hunter Charters depart from Cape Ann Marina, slip J6, 75 Essex Avenue, Gloucester, MA